Salt system




Available on all Highlife® and Limelight® collection spas, this easy-to-use saltwater system eliminates the concern of maintaining clean, clear, disinfected water for up to a full year * With just a little salt in your spa water, the system generates chlorine automatically, allowing you to spend less time measuring and adding chemicals. This unique system makes the spa owner's experience easier than ever by eliminating the hassle and hassle of maintaining the water.


  •     A water with a more natural feeling without itching or dryness for the eyes or the skin
  •     Fewer chemicals added and no aggressive odor
  •     Simple water maintenance means more time to enjoy your spa
  •     Save water by reducing spa emptying and refilling once a year *


One of the main concerns for the owner of a spa is the maintenance of water. Watch this video to discover how the FreshWater salt system allows you to spend more time relaxing in your spa, while spending virtually no time on maintenance.


The titanium cartridge creates chlorine from the salt to disinfect the spa water. Use the control panel to adjust the level of the system needed to clean the water to suit your needs.

The control panel prompts you to check the water with a strip for water analysis every 10 days and to adjust the system if necessary. It also indicates when the system needs your attention and tells you what to do. It's as easy as that. The disposable cartridge never needs maintenance and lasts four months. With only three cartridge changes, the water stays cool for a full year and gives you the best spa water possible.

With fewer additives and chemicals, spa water stays cleaner longer. Spa water lasts 12 months before needing to be drained and refilled. The FreshWater salt system reduces maintenance time, conserves water and saves money.

The maintenance-free, disposable titanium cartridge, which is hidden in the spa, is easy to replace in seconds without tools.


A 3-pack of titanium FreshWater salt system cartridges gives you one year of water maintenance.