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SPAS LOW COST - 3 295 € À 5 695 €

Made by Watkins Wellness using a rotational molding process that reduces material and labor costs, Freeflow Spas are more affordable than traditional spas.

You can count on superior product and functionality for years to come.



SPAS ECO - 5 495 € À 9 995 €

The perfect fusion of quality, performance and value offered by a trusted brand.
Excellent value for money, Hot Spot Spas are designed to provide you with a haven of peace at an affordable price. Choose a Hot Spot Spa for quality manufacturing, energy efficiency, easy water maintenance and peace of mind provided by a trusted brand, HotSpring® Spas.


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TOP SPAS - 9 995 € À 15 495 €

A new style, clean lines and unique lighting add beauty and ambiance to your Spa experience.

From the spectacular hull, to the jet details in brushed stainless steel and the multiple points of light, your Spa from the Limelight Collection has it all. Add a wonderful personal refuge to your home or garden.

The Spas of the Limelight® collection are designed to combine aesthetics and performance. Their comfortable seating areas are equipped with powerful jets that massage you from feet to shoulders to provide targeted relief and help you feel better.


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SPAS LUXE - 13 495 € À 24 495 €

Our best selling line with exclusive features, innovative hydrotherapy and timeless design.

A multitude of exclusive features provide you with the ultimate Spa experience with unique hydrotherapy massages, the Moto-Massage DX mobile jets provide two powerful streams of water, sweeping your back up and down.

The Energy Smart system offers very high energy efficiency. The best filtration in the Spa industry, 100% of the water is filtered. The easy and efficient FRESWATER salt system gives you clear, clean and pleasant water.

With nine models of Spa and six trim finishes, you will find a Spa adapted to your space and your style.




A magnificent Spa sculpted in acrylic transforms your home into a permanent oasis. Of course, the Endless Pools fitness system is much more than a swim spa. It allows you to swim, exercise, play and entertain, it is the ideal entertainment and fitness solution for family, friends and moments of calm alone.
Just sit in one of our hydromassage seats to be within reach of the control buttons. Turn on the hydrotherapy jets to make your stress go away or change the mood with the immersed lights.

With the Endless Pools swimming turbine, you can enjoy the versatility of a fitness pool. You can adjust the speed of a calm breaststroke at a vigorous swimming speed of 1'14 "/ 100 meters. For even more flexibility in terms of exercise, add our submerged treadmill.